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About yesterday...

Heck yes kiddies, the going is good.  As of now.  Not yesterday.  Yesterday sucked.

You know how when you meet new people, you can instantly tell whether or not they're sincere or not?
And how when they're insincere, you want to shoot them in the foot?  I hate that.  I don't like feeling like I want to shoot people in the foot.

So I meet my friend's new boyfriend, and he's a jerk.  But I can't convince her.  Whatever, she'll learn.

About yesterday that was strange and left a bad taste in my mouth that wasn't just the A&W burger I had for lunch:

My dad and I went out to lunch.  Nothing new there.  So I was joking around and being morbid because something he said triggered memories of me talking to my mom about how she wanted to be cremated and she couldn't convince my dad that was the way to go.  So he was talking about dying and I wanted to kick myself for even bringing it up.  My entire family is sort of tactless that way.  And then we went down the line of succession - who would get me and my sister if my parents bit the big one.  Nothing new there as well.  

I was feeling rather depressed by this time, so we packed it up and went home.  Around 3 I take a nap every day.  
I'm a big preschooler, I know.  I woke up at 5 to find no one at home.  My mom left me a note saying she and dad
had left to go shopping.  Something that should only have taken an hour or two.  But no.  They got back at 10.  Neither of them had taken their cell phones, so I couldn't get a hold of them, and my sister was at her friend's house, so she was useless too.

Looking back, that seems really stupid and pathetic.  I should be more mature than that.  Again, whatever, it scared me a tad to think I'd have to support myself through college.  I can't afford that.  :)  :(
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