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hey im new, i c that this communitee is sorta dead but im really bored so hey why not

-my room is semi clean
-2m is friday and i have a party to go to
-my meds r making me a bit less .. crazy
-the high holidays r over so i dont need to fast
-i got a buncha new stuff at delias today
-in january my best friend is gonna visit
- NOVEMBER IS ALMOST HERE and wen it is ill have all my projects behind me
-drama club has seemed to b cool, assistant director
-meeting a buncha new ppl and going out more

-i have major cramps
-im not doing so well in pre calculus.. failing
-i have alot to work to do but i keep procrastonating
- my sister is mad at me
-i hafta read canterbury tales for next friday
-i feel lazy n i keep sleeping
-i cant seem to bring myself to get over some guy that i havent seen in 2 months
- i cant find a new guy to help myself get over that guy..
-my life is so dramatic
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